Securing Thrift Stores

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Dozens and dozens of donated toys fill up thrift stores this time of year and the extra items appeal to thieves.

The Salvation Army Drop Off Center in Jackson was robbed this past weekend and thieves took everything.

Columbus Salvation Army Commanding Office Jennifer Graham says the sad thing is you can’t stop thieves or vandalism.

However, she says you can try to prevent it which is why the Columbus store has a risk management plan in place in case it’s faced with that situation.

“We are very grateful for the columbus police department. They are highly sensitive to our alarms systems, they are highly sensitive to our building, they are down the street from us and so if indeed we have an intruder or violator, they will have to meet the Columbus Police Department as well,” says Graham.

Graham says luckily, they haven’t ran into that situation this holiday reason.

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