Security cameras are helping law enforcement solve cases

More and more, businesses and homeowners are installing security cameras.

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A man suspected of stealing from a shop near Air Base Road in Bartahatchie didn’t get very far.

Thanks to cameras at the store, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office identified the suspect who turned himself in.

More and more, businesses and homeowners are installing security cameras.

Shawn Stone owns Alarm Pro in Columbus. He said people are looking for extra security because they worry about incidents that happened at or near their homes.

“Just about everybody that comes in wants cameras or ask about cameras they’ve got something that’s happened you know that’s made them a little bit scared or unsure and so it’s always an example of why they need cameras,” said Stone.

Over the years, Stone said more people are interested in security at home. He believes that security brings peace of mind.

“Everybody’s got their phone with them you know it used to you used to have a monitor or you’d have to go back and put a computer on the video footage to pull it off but now everything can be done on the phone just straight from an app,” said Stone.

Stone said before people buy cameras he and his team will go to people’s homes and recommend the best place for homeowners to install their cameras, but there’s still a chance that people are missing a spot.

“No matter how many you have you’re going to have a blind spot, especially on these businesses, if businesses have these monitors where the public can walk in and see they can figure out where the blind spots are and figure out where to attack that building,” said Patrol Captain of Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Sam Mitchell.

Mitchell and Sheriff Kevin Crook said the cameras aren’t just useful for home and business owners. They are also helpful when law enforcement agencies are trying to identify suspects.

Crook said people in Monroe County are cooperative when it comes to sharing their videos with his office.

“Anytime we’ve asked everybody has helped out and provided what they can provide and let us go through and look at dates and times. It has helped us solve a lot of cases,” said Crook.

Crook encouraged homeowners and business owners to consider that extra layer of protection and consider installing cameras.

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