Video: Senator Wicker Speaks Out about Ricin Case and Guilty Plea

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – James Everette Dutschke pleaded guilty last week to sending ricin-laced letters to a few high profile people including the President. Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker also received one of those letters and now Wicker is speaking out about the guilty plea.

Senator Roger Wicker was in Columbus today as the guest speaker for the Kiwanis Club. Last year, he was the target of a ricin-laced letter sent by James Everette Dutshcke of Tupelo. Dutshcke pleaded guilty to the charges last week and recently to state charges, for fondling a minor. Wicker says he was simply pulled into an on-going argument.

“I never felt threatened. I viewed it as a feud between Mr. Dutshcke and somebody that he had been associated with in the past,” says Wicker.

Wicker says though he never felt like he was in any real danger, he’s glad authorities solved the case.

“I do appreciate the efforts of law enforcement. Both in Washington D.C. and the local law enforcement in making sure that we were all taken care of during the time when we weren’t quite so sure how serious it was,” says Wicker.

Senator Wicker also spoke about the accomplishments made in the Golden Triangle last year. He applauded the leadership for bringing Yokohama Tire to West Point and noted that American Eurocopter was awarded a larger contract with the United States government. He went on to say he’s still making efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“I do hope we can go back, repeal this Obamacare law and come up with something that’s market driven that actually gives Americans choices,” says Wicker.

Senator Wicker also discussed re-examining entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare so that run more efficiently for the next generation.

Wicker recently backed legislation that would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry in all other states with the same law.


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