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SHANNON, MISS.  (WCBI) – In this class , Shannon Elementary third graders are learning language and spelling skills in an energetic, interactive and tasty way.

Everyday, teacher Marie Breneman works with small groups of students in a class that is making a big difference.
“I am a Reaching Reading Success Teacher,” Breneman said.
Eight years ago, Reaching Reading Success was implemented throughout Lee County Schools as a way to help students improve their reading and spelling skills.
“We teach explicitly, and we teach the structure of the English language so nothing is left to chance, we tell them exactly what it says, why the vowel says what it says and why you spell the words you do,” she said.
Each lesson is a multi-sensory experience.
“They get to use their hands, they get to talk, it’s small groups, so everybody gets attention, they love it,” Breneman said.
Breneman says it’s rewarding to know she is helping the students develop skills that will help them throughout their lives.
“It makes me feel great. It lets me know that I’m making a difference in those children’s lives, I think that’s what any teacher would ask for,” she explained.
And for the students, Reaching Reading Success is opening up a whole new world of adventure and confidence, plus, it’s fun and even the skittles help with reading skills.
“The red represents vowels and other represent consonants,” said Student Zachary Pennington.
“We get to eat skittles and we learn,” said Heaven Green.
And what do they learn about?
“Vowels, vowel teams and magic E,” Green said .
“It’s great and I like to read here,” said Ian Rinehart
“I like Ms Breneman,” said Alana Dillard.
“I love this class,” said Heaven Green.
Administrators say they see positive, measurable results from the Reaching Reading Success initiative. It has also promoted parental involvement and it’s instilling in the kids a love for learning. Reasons that Shannon Elementary here in Raider country is Making the Grade.

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