Shootings leave Bell Avenue residents unsettled

"I hope they catch them. Hurry up and catch them."

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) –  Since the year began, three shootings have taken place on Bell Avenue. This is what we know so far: Over 30 shell casings were found over the weekend. There are no suspects in custody but the police department does have persons of interest. So, what happens next?

One Bell Avenue resident would like to know that answer as well.

The man, who wants to keep his identity concealed, has lived on Bell Avenue for 35 years.

“It was hit two times in March,” he said.

He said the bullets have been puncturing his home for nearly a year now.

“A boy was shooting at somebody down the street back in the summer. They were shooting from that way, shooting at somebody that was walking through here. It hit the house right there and the bullet came through and hit the stove. If my grandson would’ve been in there, I woulda’ been in there had been in there, cooking that morning, I woulda’ got shot,” he said.

Bryan Moore is the public information officer for the Columbus Police Department.

“We have talked to people in the neighborhood and that’s how we have people of interest,” said Moore.

He believed the shootings in the neighborhood led back to unresolved disputes that have left bullet holes in other people’s homes and property.

“You have people just firing guns at a house not knowing how many people are in the house, how many kids are in the house. They need to figure out a better way to resolve issues. Most of our shootings have been coming from 18 and younger,” said Moore.

Moore continued to ask for the public’s help in bringing in those responsible for wreaking havoc and bullets on in Columbus.

“A lot of people in the community know what’s going on but they’re too afraid or don’t want to come talk to us. Because they’ll be labeled as a snitch but we just need information. That’s the only way that we can get crimes solved, is through the community. That’s why we thrive on community policing because we want that help from the community,” said Moore.

“I hope they catch them. Hurry up and catch them”, said the Bell Avenue resident.

Moore did not disclose whether or not the police department plans to install surveillance cameras in the neighborhood or how CPD plans to address the reoccurring crime on Bell Avenue.

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