Shoplifting Carries Different Penalties Based On Number Of Convictions And Dollar Amount Stolen

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – The start of the Christmas shopping season usually means a rise in shoplifting.

Law enforcement authorities say larger crowds at stores , malls and other businesses also attract shoplifters and other criminals.

In Mississippi, first and second offenses for items with a value of less than 1 thousand dollars are misdemeanors. A third offense becomes a felony if the items stolen are valued at 500 dollars or more.

Authorities say the criminals know the system.

“We refer to them as boosters, that do this, on a regular basis, they are very aware of what the amount, the minimum threshold for a felony, they know to stay under that amount, they know the law as well as we do many times,” said Detective Scott Floyd, with the Tupelo Police Department.

The National Association of Shoplifting Prevention estimates retailers in the United States lose $11 billion  each year because of shoplifting.  Much of that loss is passed on to consumers.

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