Shoppers In West Point Now Required To Wear Face Masks Inside Retail Stores

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)-There will soon be a change in the way customers in West Point can shop inside retail stores.

On Tuesday, city leaders passed an ordinance requiring all employees and customers to wear face coverings before entering.

“It caught me by surprise for a little bit,” said Scott Reed, owner of Petal Pushers. “I wasn’t real sure that it was going to happen until I heard about it yesterday.”

Reed admits, he has mixed views about making customers wear face coverings.

“I understand we need to keep people healthy, we need to keep people safe, so I’m all for masks if that’s what needs to happen,” said Reed. “I’m just a little bit worried from a business owner’s standpoint about enforcing an ordinance like that and how it could affect my business if someone chooses not to wear a mask.”

If someone comes in without their face being covered, they’ll be asked to leave the store.

“A lot of people are saying that in response to this, or in opposition to this, they are just going to not shop in West Point anymore, and that bothers me more than anything,” Reed expressed. “Business owners didn’t have anything to do with this ordinance, and for them to protest in a way by avoiding our businesses, that’s only hurting us, and our employees, and people who are depending on the store.”

“Hopefully the general public will comply,” said Mayor Robbie Robinson.

Mayor Robinson said the measure was passed strictly for safety reasons.

Since the beginning of the month, Robinson said there have been 22 cases of COVID-19, and he believes this measure could help flatten the curve.

“The ordinance will not take affect until Monday, May 11 at noon,” said Mayor Robinson. “There are some nuances about the language in the resolution that could possibly be addressed by the board early next week.”

“Honestly, I hope some things change before it comes into play Monday,” said Reed. “If things don’t change, we will do the best that we can. We’re going to offer curbside if someone just doesn’t want to wear a mask but still wants to shop here.”

Robinson said one of the nuances they’ll address next week is determining who will be in charge of paying the fine if customers violate the ordinance.

They’ll decide if it’ll fall on the customer or business owner.

Customers are not required to strictly wear face masks.

The face coverings can include a t-shirt, bandanna, or anything covering the nose and the mouth.

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