Smithville store sees boost in business after selling winning lotto ticket


SMITHVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A convenience store in Monroe County sold the first big win in the area for a lottery scratch-off game.

George Ewing could have bought a lottery scratch-off ticket at a store near his home in Hamilton, but instead made the trip to the T-Mart Number 12 in Smithville to get his Mississippi Blues ticket

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“Maybe I’ll get lucky this time,” said Ewing.

Ewing made the drive because he wanted to buy a ticket from this particular store, for a big reason.

“I come up here because I heard about the guy who won $100,000,” Ewing said.

Last week, a regular customer, who wanted to remain anonymous, purchased a Mississippi Blues scratch-off ticket with a grand prize of $100,000.

Ewing won $20 with his ticket and although he knew the odds are stacked against him, that hadn’t stopped him from making plans, just in case.

“You know, take care of some bills, help people out, I’m kind of like that,” explained Ewing.

The manager said business has increased since last week’s big win, not only from surrounding counties, but there have also been out of state customers, hoping to keep the lucky streak going.

“I know we had some from Georgia who came on Saturday. Most, like the factory down here, they come in at lunch, buy tickets or cash them in, and buy their lunch,” said Manager Mandi Kemp.

And Kemp expected business to pick up even more when Powerball sales start at the end of January.

Merchants get a percentage of a winning ticket sold at their store only for the multi-state Powerball game. That begins on January 30.