Some Mississippi candidates still looking to secure a nomination

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Primaries may have come and gone, but campaigning isn’t over. For some candidates that was only round one. Runoffs are only two weeks away, and now they’re starting a second race.

“You’re going to see aggressive ‘turn out to vote’ efforts on both sides because the bottom line is in runoff elections you just have a far lower turn out, period. And so now it’s all about charging up the people you believe will be reliable supporters for you, and hope that they turn out in greater numbers,” said Dr. Brian Anderson.

That’s what candidates like Lynn Fitch are trying to do.

“I’m out on the ground talking with people across the state. Social media, radio, having a conversation to really talk about again the significance of voting. What it means or why you should all do that. Talking about my message, why it’s important to be the attorney general,” said Republican Attorney General Candidate Lynn Fitch.

Some office-seekers aren’t just trying to get the support of the voters, but also their former opponents.

That’s something neither Fitch nor Tate Reeves has managed to do.

“I’m not surprised at all both of them were in support of Obamacare expansion in Mississippi. Both of them were for raising taxes in Mississippi, so it doesn’t surprise me. We started the campaign with 375 endorsers. We have earned the support of conservatives all across Mississippi, but the next two weeks is earning the support of every single Mississippian,” said Republican Gubernatorial Governor Candidate Tate Reeves.

Dr. Anderson said while endorsements are important during an election, it really comes down on how they are used.

“They need to assure people that voted for them, especially for Foster, back on the sixth that this isn’t some sort of renegade operation. Because the great concern in that endorsement is that people will say, ‘well we tried with Foster, well that doesn’t work then let’s just go with the safe choice which is Tate Reeves.’ So now they’re saying, ‘no let’s have this conversation again,'” said Dr. Anderson.

The primary runoff is on August 27.

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