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JACKSON, Miss. (Press Release) — The conference report on Senate Bill 2681 passed the House floor today by a vote of 78-43.

The conference report includes language for a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), along with adding ‘In God We Trust’ on the Great Seal of the State of Mississippi.

“The RFRA language in this conference report is responsible and narrow in focus,” said Speaker of the House Philip Gunn. “The goal of the House, from the beginning, has been to craft language that protects the religious freedoms for all and prevents discrimination against anyone. This RFRA language is virtually the same language passed in 1993 by Congress.

“It passed the United State House of Representatives on a unanimous voice vote, passed the United States Senate 97 -3, and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton,” he said.

The 1993 RFRA was endorsed by groups that include the ACLU, the Traditional Values Coalition, the American Muslim Council, the American Jewish Committee, the American Humanists Association, the Jesuit Social Ministries, the National Association of Evangelicals, and more than 50 other organizations.

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  • Ted Atkinson

    It’s worth adding to this “news” item that Speaker Gunn is conveniently leaving out the fact that what passed in the U.S. House and Senate was later declared unconstitutional.

  • Chelsea

    We passed this? Really? What religious freedom have I stomped on? I am asked to bow my head at my kids school, I’m asked to have a moment of silent prayer during assemblies, at graduations I’m told we need to open with a prayer. When the hell have I walked in your church, school, or assembly and told you ‘ok everyone, circle up we’re going to call the quarters now and bless the area, after that then we can continue.’ Never. Religious freedom? Right to discriminate. Anyone who is with this bill should be nothing short of ashamed. Period. Christians tell people they are being discriminated against when the ONLY RELIGION MAKING LAWS IN THIS COUNTRY is Christianity. This is the worst state for children and women to live in, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be moving soon. I thought at least someone in the legislature of our state would have half a brain, guess it was a little much to hope for.

  • Ed

    MOVE ????? Are you still here, get going …..we don’t need your type here in Mississippi.

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