Spotty rain chances in lottery for rain relief

COLUMBUS – SUMMARY: Temperatures sit tenuously in the upper 80s to low 90s into the weekend and through the Fourth of July. Chances for rain concentrate on the weekend but exist throughout next week. Any rain chances will be much appreciated towards reducing drought conditions, which have slowly been creeping into the region. Partly cloudy skies and a bit of a drying up about mid-week next week push us into the upper 90s. Lows sit in the mid to upper 60s for the next seven days.

SATURDAY: We reach into the upper 80s and potentially 90s Saturday, as scattered thunderstorms provide cooling for some. Lows sit in the mid 70s overnight.

SUNDAY: Like Saturday, highs Sunday sit in the upper 80s with a similar chance for scattered showers and the odd thunderstorm. Lows sit in the mid 70s overnight.

NEXT WEEK: We start to warm ever-so-slightly heading into Monday and Tuesday before we make a big jump into the upper 90s. Rain chances lower a bit but persist throughout next week. Lows increase into the upper 70s by overnight Monday.

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