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Henry Vaughn


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — A Starkville alderman finds himself behind bars.

Oktibbeha County Chief Deputy Chad Garnett confirms that Ward 7 Alderman Henry Vaughn was arrested and charged with Driver Under the Influence, reckless driving, and no insurance.

Vaughn, 61, was pulled over at the corner of Highway 82 and Reed Road, just before 2 a.m Thursday.

He posted bond and was released two hours later.
Vaugn is in his second term as alderman.

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  • Concerned Citizen

    This is some b.s. his son has just died a Starkville High stand out athlete in football. And why is the Oktibbeha County Sheriff department stopping in the city limits anyways??? This is just good ole boy payback from the firing of Lynn Spruill and David Lindley but now we definitely going to get rid of the rest of the last good ole boys. You cant stop change just get on board with it.

  • Questioner

    The death of his son is truly sad, but what’s worse is that “concerned citizen” is using it as a crutch and an excuse for the sheriffs department not to stop him. What if he had hit someone else and possibly killed a son or daughter while driving drunk? Would you still be concerned? Seems to me if he was driving drunk he needed to be stopped no matter where he was aka city/county. As far as getting rid of the “good ole boys” kuddos to the Oktibbeha county sherrifs department for stopping a city official and still following through with what’s right.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Questioner he was less than 50 feet away from his home when she stopped him on the corner of 182 and Reed Road. This deputy had been sitting and watching all of the family and friends that was stopping by to show their condolences and he left to go get some more sodas from the store and was stopped on the way back that’s ridiculous. Especially coming from a deputy whose daughter is a drug addict and they have been covering up all type of things she has done well that is about to end now if she Jay walks she is going into the system. Like I stated previous this is just retaliation from the removal of some city officials who were corrupt and a former Police Chief who dressed up as a Ku Klux Klansman for a joke really????? Well now since the majority of the alderman and the county board has changed this town is fixing to change for the better of EVERYBODY not a select few.

  • Been there done that

    All I have to say is we all know the law when it comes to driving under the influnce, DUI. You get caught you go to jail simple as that. I am willing to bet it’s not the fist time the Alderman has done it I too have been arrested for the same thing. It’s a wake up call. Be thankful he didn’t injure someone. If you don’t agree with the laws then get them changed.

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