Starkville Assistant Police Chief returns from training with FBI

Starkville Assistant Police Chief Henry Stewart was one of 200 people who just finished the FBI National Academy course and said he learned a lot.

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – “To Protect and to Serve”

That is the duty sworn by police officers across the country.

The FBI National Academy takes its training to a new level.

Starkville Assistant Police Chief Henry Stewart was one of 200 people who just finished the course and said he learned a lot.

“Some of the things that we did for the training was the physical aspect of the training was very challenging. The classroom environment, it was a college environment because it was undergraduate and graduate classes, so everything you did was on a college level and you had to learn how to write papers and go back to APA style,” Stewart said.

The final fitness challenge is the “Yellow Brick Road”, a 6.1-mile run with obstacles such as walls, creeks, and more.

The academy also includes law enforcement from international agencies.

“We had 23 international students. We had an international night, we had a time where we spent we learned their food, their ways, they talked about their countries and their agencies. They are totally different from ours. One of the international students was from Africa; he assisted in the incident that occurred at Starkville Academy. He helped bring that suspect to justice,” Stewart said.

Stewart said the course taught him what it takes to be a leader.

“One thing I feel that I learned was leadership and being part of a higher command, understanding what makes a bad leader and what makes a good leader and how, being a servant, it is all about serving and protecting and taking care of all people and making sure that our lower level people are taken care of making sure we know their needs whether its a job need or its personal needs or its equipment and learning. Better yourselves to make them the best they can be,” Stewart said.

The FBI National Academy was established at the FBI training facility in 1935.

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