Starkville business urging customers to wear facemasks


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — Even though the number of positive cases continue to spike, Mississippi continues a transition to re-open

Businesses like the Book Mart & Cafe are taking an approach to make sure customers and employees remain safe at all times.

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“If we do six feet of masks in small groups, we basically would see Coronavirus start to fade out,” said Dr. Dobbs of Mississippi Department of Health.

But as of late, there has been an uptick of positive COVID-19 cases.

Tuesday marked the highest single day positive cases with 611. As for today, an additional 526 new cases, according to the Mississippi Department of Health.

Bringing the total of cases here as of March 11, to 23, 424 along with 1,011 deaths.

Dr. Dobbs said if people don’t follow all health guidelines, these numbers will continue to increase.

“Because we lack the patience or discipline to stick with those sort of things,” said Dr. Dobbs. “We are going to see ongoing cases and and I’m really fearful going into the fall that it’s going to be an absolute disaster.”

Book Mart & Cafe are urging customers to wear a face mask upon entering the store.

“Upon coming in we provide face masks and hand sanitizer so you can just quickly wipe your hands off,” Courtney Blackwell, Bookmart & Cafe employee. “And we also keep the handles cleaned and we also sanitize the desk and stuff just to keep everything sanitized.”

Blackwell said this is one way to keep everyone safe.

“We think it’s very important that everyone that comes in the store wears a face mask to help prevent spreading the COVID-19 and obviously it’s protection for you and for anybody else that you may come in contact with.”

Addison Buntin said people should to continue to wear face masks in public.

“We should all wear them I mean even though they are uncomfortable especially in the summer when it’s really hot but I mean we have to stop this somehow,” said Buntin. “We can’t just let it go on go on and have more people getting it.”

And if you would like to learn more on how to keep safe and the best way to prevent COVID-19.

You can always visit the CDC website for the latest information.