Starkville business owners optimistic about Hwy 182 improvements


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Several local business owners wrote letters to state legislators hoping to get funding for the new Hwy 182 project.

They say the new infrastructure is not only good for businesses, but it is also good for the consumers as well.

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Brian Kelley is an attorney and a municipal court judge for the city of Starkville.

He relocated his law firm to Hwy 182 back in 2012 with high hopes for future development.

“Well we just had kind of a vision that this area was going to be one that would really kind of boom in the future and we love the location and the proximity to downtown, and it’s just been a great area for us to be in,” said Kelley.

With news of a new grant, Kelley’s vision is one step closer to becoming a reality.

“We’re just excited. I think that it’s going to be a huge catalyst for the area and make our already thriving Starkville downtown and even better place to be. Hopefully, it’ll result in more offices and more retail and restaurants wanting to locate to this area,” said Kelley.

Other businesses in the area agree it’s time for a change.

“The infrastructure right now in this area definitely needs revitalization, but we’re looking forward to it because it will be the economic boost that this area needs for not just growing like Dogpound Printing, Rick’s Cafe, and the surrounding businesses, but it’s going to be great for the residents. It’s going to be amazing for consumers,” said Dogpoung Printing officer manager Jasada Dunbar.

The changes mean there will be a period of construction.

“You’re thinking about how is it going to affect us as far as consumers coming in. How’s it going to affect… Is there going to be a stall in traffic? We’re confident in how the planning will go, the community development through it all, and that they’ll hear the citizens and what they need so that everyone works together to get to that final point,” said Dunbar.

Kelley is confident that the final result will be worth the wait.

“I think it’ll really incorporate it even more into our downtown and people will view it as part of our downtown at that point, which is already incredibly walk-able and a place that people just want to be, and I think that’s going to be the overall end result for this area,” said Kelley.

There is no word yet on when the Hwy 182 project will officially begin.