Starkville community shows support for each other during tragic times

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – When you or someone you know is going through a tragic time people in the community seem to be there if you need them.

With Coach Mike Leach facing difficult medical issues, people across the area are voicing their thoughts and concerns.

WCBI talked to people in Starkville, and they spoke about the times that community members were there when they needed it most.

First responders will see a lot of tragedies in their time on the job.

Oktibbeha Fire Coordinator Patrick Warner said over the years he has watched families lose a house or even a loved one.

Even though Warner often sees the pain up close, he also sees a lot of support.

“A gentleman’s house burned down and he came to me and he was so proud of the community about how they supported him and the American Red Cross came out and the church and the family and the family and they donated so much money to get back on their feet,” said Warner.

Warner said whenever he sees people in the community calling for help, he knows as long as they are in the area they will never be alone.

“Community in Starkville and Oktibbeha County is tremendous when it comes to things like that. There’s a lot of compassion here and they want to help people and make sure people are safe and they try to help people grieve,” said Warner.

And some have experienced tragedy firsthand.

Around five years ago Johnny Hollis and his wife lost their house to a fire. He was surprised by the outflowing of support from the community, as they helped him get back on his feet.

“It was shocking and crazy how helpful everybody in this town is and I’ve seen it happen several other times and I’ve seen people other house fires like that and everyone does the same and comes together,” said Hollis.

Even students like Maleah Austin and Gabby Darby, who come from different areas feel the love of people in the area.

“They’ll help you out in any way that you need, and if anyone ever sees you in need they will help find something or someone to help you,” said Austin.

“I think they will do anything and even the smallest things that they can,” said Darby.

WCBI will keep everyone updated with the information on Coach Leach.

People in the Starkville Community are praying for his recovery and giving Leach and his Family their respect and support at this time.

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