The Starkville Community Theatre opens their doors for the first time since the pandemic

'Smoke on the Mountain' will be the first show on stage since the pandemic began.

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – The Starkville Community Theatre is opening its doors for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

What seemed like a long intermission is now over. A year and a half later, the lights in the Starkville Community Theatre are turning back on.

And for actress Krista Vowell, she couldn’t be more thrilled.

“Starkville Community Theatre is a vibrant part of Starkville’s downtown and the heart of Starkville in my mind. So, to have this theatre dark for so long has caused a little bit of sadness. And now we’re waking up from intermission, we’re going to bring folks in from that intermission and out of the dark and step into the light,” Vowell said.

The first show on the stage is Smoke on the Mountain. A show Pattye Archer directed 15 years ago.

Archer said she’s glad to be back in the director’s seat and share her vision once again.

“Creative people need to create and you know for a year and a half we really couldn’t. Well, we could in different ways. But, so to be in a group and in a room with people who are so talented, and this cast is amazing. It’s just good for my soul,” Archer said.

President of Starkville Community Theatre, Paul Ruff said due to COVID the department used alternative methods to perform for the community.

“We had to get creative to find other ways to do some programming. We did some online shows. We did some outdoor shows that allowed social distancing. But this is so fun to be able to come back home and do a show in our little intimate theatre here,” Ruff said.

Vowell said while it was difficult for the theatre world not to be able to perform on stage, she says this show will have more of an impact on both theatre patrons and newcomers.

“I believe that those faithful will be beating down the doors and ready to come back. And what I’m hoping is, the fact that we’ve had such an intermission and that people are kind of looking for things to do, I’m hoping to introduce the Starkville community that hasn’t really been involved in theatre. I’m hoping they will kind of sneak into the doors and see what it’s all about,” Vowell said.

The show will run from October 29 through Novemer 7th.

Tickets are still available for each of the shows.

For those who would like more precaution involving COVID-19, one night will be exclusively for those who are vaccinated.

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