Starkville firefighters investigate cause of fire at Vista Apartment Complex

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Fire investigators are working Monday to figure out what caused the fire at the Vista Apartment Complex Sunday morning.

Wcbi 2023 03 06t105309727Starkville fire crews found a fire in the exterior wall cavity between the brick and the wall above Boardtown Pizza.

Firefighters evacuated the building.

According to the fire department, it took several hours to access the fire, cutting holes in several apartments to access the wall space.

The fire department took these photos. You can see how they had to use saws to cut the brick away.

Wcbi 2023 03 06t105606224There were no injuries, and one dog was safely rescued.

Firefighters were able to contain the fire in a small area and keep it from spreading.

Starkville Fire Department Investigator Jonathan Wade said the fire department did everything it could to keep everyone safe and he’s happy that there were no injuries.

“We cut into the walls looking for the extension of the fire to make sure because that’s a 4 story building to make sure the fire because it runs up and make sure it didn’t get anywhere else so we cut into the walls just to make sure there’s Wcbi 2023 03 06t105746348no fire anywhere else so it’s safe for all the occupants of that building,” said Wade.

BoardTown Pizza and Pints will be closed until further notice and will keep everyone updated on their Facebook page on the reopening date.

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