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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A group of Starkville residents wants to bring fiber Internet to their city.

Their goal is to become the first C Spire Fiber Community.

Several volunteers will keep knocking on doors until they get enough people to sign up for the service.

“We need fast Internet,” said volunteer Adrian Marcus. “We need reliable Internet. But we can’t get it on our own if the rest of the community doesn’t get it.”

Marcus says their goal is to reach 45 percent of residents per neighborhood.

“Once the 45 percent is hit, to my understanding then C Spire will then come to the community , and that’s when people will be able to decide on the packages that they want to do,” Marcus said.

Marcus says this type of service is important to students, which make up a big part of the Starkville community.

“I’ve lost quizzes before ’cause my Internet might have fell off or whatever. With the fiber optics, then you don’t have to worry about that kind of thing.”

And he says it doesn’t hurt to have the latest technology.

“In the technology age, they are always getting better so, especially my generation, we like always have the best thing, so the fiber is the best thing.”

For more information, go to cspire.com/starkville.

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