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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — One North Mississippi man is using his passion for football and his alma mater to help Mississippi State University fans show their school spirit.

Marc Anthony may not be a famous singer, but he still makes his own music – designing cowbells for Mississippi State fans.

“I’m not a fan that gets up and yells a lot, and cheers and yells at the referees,” Anthony said. “I kind’ve sit and watch the game, but I guess I’m making noise through the cowbells.”

Anthony has been making cowbells since he was in high school, here in Starkville. Now it’s part of his job.

He spends many hours working on the bells, before coming into work at his store, University Screenprint, and on the weekends.

“I weld a handle into it,” he said. “I do some reinforcing welding on it. Paint it, grip it, and wrap it. I use a primer as well before I paint it.”

He makes between 6,000 and 9,000 cowbells a year, but still considers it a hobby.

“If you put my time into it, of what it takes to make the cowbells, I probably don’t come out 100 percent on top all the time, but I do have fun at it, and make a little money at it.”

The time he doesn’t spend making or selling Mississippi State gear, he spends supporting his alma mater.

“I go to all the sports. I have a season ticket holder to everything we have on campus.”

Anthony says he has a good feeling about this football season. You can bet you’ll see him in the stands, cowbell in hand.

MSU’s first home football game is next Saturday against Southern Miss.

Anthony says fans are already stopping in to buy cowbells, or get theirs repaired.

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