Video: Starkville Man’s Possible Attraction To Radical Islam

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STARKVILLE, Miss.(WCBI)–Across the country more than half a dozen teenagers and young people in their early twenties have been arrested for attempting to leave the country and join ISIS or even bring the fight home. You can now add Starkville to the list. The young man arrested at GTR Airport as he tried to leave the country, grew up in Starkville, went to school and attend the local mosque there. The news has rocked a tight knit community. Everyone we spoke with, including a former teacher, expressed shock and sadness for a hometown boy who just got lost. Its the high school where students are serious about education, radical Islam is not taught in the classrooms at Starkville High. Thats why residents of the Starkville community are expressing shock and fear. One of their own apparently has taken up with the philosophy spewed out by ISIS. “You know anything like that is very close by to us. We don’t think about it being here in Mississippi as much do we,” said Cynthia Hunt/Starkville Business Woman. You know you think its far away you thinking like oh that’s happening over in a different country but its here. Or like in New York. Not at the Golden Triangle Airport,” said Brea Williams/Starkville. Classmates who knew him from the graduating class of 2011 say he was very nice and intelligent, this is the last thing I’d expect out of him, always polite, respectful. They say they are heartbroken. Dakhlalla along with his alleged accomplice Jaelyn Young are facing serious charges. “He was a very quiet kid but always extremely courteous, very bright young man. Got along well with everybody in the class. Just a wonderful student you know,” said R. J. Morgan/Former High School Teacher. The suspects father happens to be a well respected minister at the local Islamic Mosque. “When I taught the Israel/Palestine Unit in our world history class his father came and spoke to my class. They are just really really great people.,” said R. J. Morgan. “Yeah, I mean it’s a scary thought to know that its just at the Golden triangle Airport. That they are getting caught at you know,” said Brea Williams. Bond for Dakhlalla and Young who had planned on getting married in Turkey and head for Syria were denied.

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