Starkville Prepares for Baseball Regional Tournament

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) After an impressive season, Mississippi State has been chosen to host the Regional Baseball tournament. The only people more thrilled than the players, are all the local businesses that will thrive off of the influx of fans. Mississippi State baseball fans are some of the most loyal supporters around.

The Bulldogs can easily draw an crowd of 10,000 spectators to the games, and business owners want to have a game plan in place. City Bagel Co-Owner, Mary Tkach, is already bracing for the increased traffic.

“We plan for baseball now the same way we plan for football because there’s quite an influx of people coming into town. And it’s really exciting that we got this Regional,” says Tkach.

Store managers have reported increasing their staff, stocking merchandise, and extending their hours to accommodate everyone.

“We see a great impact on game day and the day before games. People will come in and stay in hotels. They come in to see what we have to offer and see if they can find something they’d like to pick up,” says Reed’s Clothing Manager Bo Summerford.

New businesses have also found support from MSU’s fan base. For 929 Coffee Shop in downtown Starkville, this weekend means a big boost.

“The thing that’s been so neat about being part of a college town is just how loyal people are to athletics here and so I think people have that same perspective towards athletics as they do towards local businesses,” said Co-Owner Havilah Couvillion.

Mississippi State is entering the tournament as the highest ranked team. Businesses of Starkville are ready and willing to serve home team fans and visiting supports alike. Other teams competing in this years Regional Tournament include Mercer, Central Arkansas and South Alabama.

“It’s definitely been one of my goals since I’ve been here to host a Regional. Hopefully we can win it and play good baseball and come out on top. Maybe the Super Regional will wind up back here,” said MSU baseball player Adam Frazier.

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