Starkville’s Inaugural Gay Pride Parade

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Starkville makes history Saturday with the 1st Gay Pride Parade.

Supporters and a few vocal protesters lined the streets.

Many people in the Starkville community welcome those who marched in the first gay pride parade.

“We’re here and we’re queer and we’re going to keep moving forward,” said Pride participant Adam Pitmon.

The festivities kicked off Friday night with a welcome party and live music. Kevin Pulver says he isn’t here for the party. He’s got a message to send.

“We’re here to tell people that if they turn to the lord Jesus Christ in repentance and faith not only will he forgive them but he will give them new heart and desires they don’t have to be perverts they don’t have to be slaves to sin,” said Pulver.

Adam Pitmon is a attending and participating in the Pride weekend festivities. He says it was a necessity he come out and see Starkville make history.

“I just came out to my family yesterday because of the parade and everything that’s going on,” said Pitmon.

In February, the Starkville Board of Aldermen voted 4-3 against the parade then later on reversed the decision.

Pitmon says he is so thankful that he lives in a city that allows him to openly express himself.

“It’s really empowering especially in Mississippi we don’t have a huge gay rights, you get really proud and excited because Mississippi hasn’t really had a good track record with gay rights and we’re going toward that we’re moving towards that in the future and it’s very exciting,” said Pitmon.

Refuge 461 Ministries Lisa Selby was also there in protest of the parade. But she says they wanted to take a little bit different approach than others.

“We’re offering free water and chips and hoping that as people walk into our pathway that we can just share Christ with them and let them know that yes he does love them he loves them so much that he went to the cross for them and died for their sins,” said Selby.

The weekend continues with Ohara’s Pride show hosted Scott Nevins from Bravos TV’s hit show “The People’s Couch.”

It begins tonight at 8pm at Rick’s Cafe.

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