Stores are trying to restock inventory after the ice storm

Grocery stores have large gaps and empty shelves.


GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Some people were quicker than others getting to grocery stores and stocking up on supplies. The ice storm, last week, pushed people to prepare for the worst and grab as much as possible; this ultimately left grocery stores with large gaps and empty shelves.

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“We did get a few trucks in last week, but the time we got it in its left-right back out the door,” said the manager of Vowell’s in Starkville, Monique Tice.

Grocery stores across the area are all dealing with it. During last week’s ice storm, customers came through and cleared their inventory.

“I mean we haven’t been able to get anything for the shelves, the trucks aren’t coming in, people are wondering why we don’t have anything when are we going to get products, but nothing has come in we were supposed to get a truck today still no truck supposedly tomorrow, but who knows,” said produce manager of Sunflower, on Military Rd in Columbus, Bianca Woods.

Even fresh vegetables and fruit have been scarce. Woods has seen some busy times, but nothing like this.

“I mean this is just the worst I’ve seen it in my 10 years working here. I’m selling out of oranges things that we don’t normally sell radishes for salads I mean we are selling anything people are buying the last thing that is on the shelf whether it’s one or two they’re buying it,” said Woods.

Woods has started early to try and get her section restocked for herself and the customers.
“We have more people come in, we try to double our order, we try to make sure that once we do get the products in that we have enough for the people to buy and still have some after the fact,” said Woods.

Supply trucks aren’t just at a halt in Columbus. Vowell’s in Starkville is facing the same issue.

“I saw a lot of people coming in way more than we usually have like a couple thousand per day and we were closing early; so that people wouldn’t be out in the road when it got dark,” said Tice.

Produce shelves have been cleared along with milk, meat, and bread. These items are slowly restocking and that slow process is due to an increase of people coming into the store. Tice said they are eager for their next truck.

“We won’t get a truck today we’ll get one tomorrow; we’re doing all we can to get this product out on the floor,” said Tice.

The stores haven’t recovered yet, but are hopeful for a return to normalcy soon.

“I’m ready to see it look better I don’t like my shelves to look like this. I like to be able to buy stuff myself, but there’s nothing to buy we can’t buy anything the customers can’t and I’m just ready to get back to normal,” said Woods.

Store officials are using what they have and when they run out they are just out, but they plan to have trucks running with double amounts of products within the next couple of days to have the shelves filled for their customer.