Video: Story of Survival: Mother and Daughter Escape Lee Co. Tornado

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storm-damageLEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — “I was right behind her, I was in the doorway.”

Hearing the sirens, Dorothy Lyle and her 91 year old mother Alice knew they had to get out of their house. But with Alice barely able to walk on her own, Dorothy knew they weren’t going to make it.

” I put her chair in there and she told me she couldn’t get in because she was on her walker. I closed the door and I said, mother, we’ve got to get in now! And that’s as far as I got,” said Dorothy.

Seconds later, the tornado hit.

” I was trying to fight for life and it knocked me and Dorothy down in the hallway,” said Alice.

The twister tore the roof completely off. Dorothy was thrown on top of her mother, trapped in debris.

” I did not hear the freight train. I was sitting on the floor and all I saw was light and I thought, Lord, I’m alive! and I asked my mother if she was alive and I felt blood running down in my face,” said Dorothy.

Across the road, their nephew Jacob took shelter, barely escaping. Worried about his family, he immediately rushed to free them once the tornado moved on.

” We had to pick her up and get her to the truck and get her down to the storm shelter just in case another one was to come through,” said Jacob.

Alice is unharmed and Dorothy has stitches to cute on her head. Their home may be gone, but their both just happy to be alive.

“Everybody was worried about the gash, but I lived,” said Dorothy.

” We have a lot of good neighbors here and people who help so..we’re blessed,” said Alice.

Jacob Lyle also says he’s thankful his family decided years ago to install the storm shelter because. Their house across the street was also completely destroyed.

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