String of shootings in Columbus has police on high alert

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — It has been a bust last two weeks for the Columbus Police Department, with three shooting in a two-week span.

“Where we see large gatherings or parties or anything I’m having some type of altercation we are trying to reduce that and having them move on and enforcing the law,” said Chief Fred Shelton.

The string of shootings began last week on Brown Street, and just this past week, shootings on Gregory Forrest Boulevard and Gregory Road.

And while all these shootings are all unrelated, Chief Shelton wants the public to know their safety is their number one priority.

“We are here to make this community safe,” said Shelton “We want to make our Police Department more efficient and effective and proactive. So again that’s going to mean sending us out there more and having us do more interacting with the public. When you see something or hear something call the police if you hear a loud noise people arguing gun shots pick up the phone and call the police.”

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