Video: Student Athlete of the Week: Faith Miley, Victory Christian Academy, Girls Basketball

[syndicaster id=’6158090′] COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI Sports) — Faith Miley is a top five student in her class at Victory Christian Academy. She is also the senior president in the Beta Club. Now she has her basketball team off to a hot start with only one loss on then season and an undefeated start in division play.

Faith Miley is involved in numerous sports at Victory Christian Academy, playing basketball, volleyball, softball and cheer-leading and has been doing those four since the eighth grade, but managing her time with her school work can be a challenge while playing sports.

“It’s very challenging at sometimes, but I just try to keep my studies up and keep my sports up and balance it out at each time. My family doesn’t really know how I do it, but just balance it out, get my practice, get my homework done quick so I don’t have to do it after practice,” said Student Athlete Faith Miley.

Miley brings leadership and determination to the basketball team and her Head Coach Chris Hamm and Teammate Alex Brown have seen it for the last five years.

“She’s always been a tremendous leader and she was one that didn’t wait till she was a senior to become a leader. She leads primarily years before just through her play, her hustle. She’s a good athlete,” said Head Coach Chris Hamm.

“She’s a really good leader and like if she tells me what to do I’ll do it and if I tell her some things like she’ll do it, so we work good together,” said Teammate Alex Brown.

“Faith Miley has won three out of the last four state championships here at Victory Christian Academy. Last year they placed second in the state championship. Now she is focusing on winning her fourth in her senior season,” said WCBI Sports Reporter Jonathan Flippo.

“We just got to keep pushing and be able to fight till the end of each game and not giving up and just finishing whenever we start. I feel like we have a very good chance to win it this year as long as we play together as a team and we are usually very good at that,” Miley said.

Victory Christian Academy will return to action next Tuesday January 12th when they host Tuscaloosa Christian Academy.


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