Students are returning to the classroom after a virtual semester

Homework has taken on a new meaning this school year


LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss (WCBI)- Homework has taken on a new meaning this school year. Many families made the decision to keep their children home for the fall semester. It’s been a major adjustment, for students, transitioning to online learning.

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Now, many students want back in the schoolroom. The pandemic may have altered that in 2020, but 2021 seems to be the year when students come back

Students were saved by the bell when they had the option, this semester, of returning to traditional classes in Lowndes County. Local educators were eager to have students back, and it appears students were ready to be back in their classrooms.

“We didn’t start the second semester until mid-January and we’ve had a large number of students who were virtual that came back to class,” said Superintendent Sam Allison.

“We started with around 70 something virtual students in September and at the beginning of this semester we’re down to 35,” said West Lowndes High School principal Stefanie Jones.

The focus of having students on campus and at their desks means one step towards a normal school year.

“You can’t replace a classroom; in order for a student to be successful virtually they need a lot of support; you have your lessons that are taught, you have your teachers that are online to help, but they have to be motivated,” said Allison

“I think that one thing was that we had several students that struggled virtually,” said Allison

Jones says traditional class means students are learning and that leads to better grades.

“I do believe that having 4 days of face to face learning for them will get them in a better position academically,” said Jones

Though students are back in the building; administrators are still ensuring safety for themselves and others.

“We’ve implemented some different things Our cafeteria we’ve added additional breakfast spaces and areas for them we do have our distance dots so that students entering the cafeteria and leaving are making sure they are social distance,” said Jones

“We try not to bring visitors past the office and that’s just to protect you know our students,” said Allison

Lowndes County School District administrators believe families will continue to ease back into a traditional class setting, and they say they will keep implementing safety for classes and other events to come.