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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Students of all ages in the Columbus School District are staying busy and productive this Summer through a series of Enrichment Camps at Joe Cook Elementary and Columbus High.
Through a Title One program, children are able to keep right on learning free of charge.

Summer School was never so much fun.

Their days are filled with learning.

From Algebra to the Arts, students in grades 6-through-12 are keeping their minds active, safe inside Columbus High.

This week, some are learning how to properly process a crime scene.

Science is so much more interesting when it’s hands on.

Rising 7th grader Beyonce McCrary explains, ” Somebody killed somebody with a broom stick, and they left their footprints, and we are trying to find them.”

Biology and Physical Science Teacher Lawrence Hill adds, ” This mock murder scene was designed to show the kids the different aspects, that you can come in and measure to figure out who actually did the crime.”

The blood is made from corn syrup and red food coloring.

Students have all the evidence they need to catch a make-believe killer.

Beyonce says, ” Like when you find a fingerprint, it’s like oil on it, and then you get the corn stuff and then you get a paint brush and then you put it on the thing and it sticks.”

Foot prints are also compelling evidence.

Beyonce says, ” I think it’s Quay or Skylar, because they both got a size 9.”

Mr. Hill cautions, ” Some of the evidence points to exactly 2 people, but then when you really look at it, it’s only going to narrow down to just one person.”

During their investigation, children are learning how to think logically, some might even pursue a career in law enforcement.

Beyonce says, ” It’s hard, and I’ll think about doing it, but it’s like, you have to put your mind to it to do stuff.”

Mr. Hill adds, ” Most of the kids find it kind of hard, because it takes on so many different components, but most of the kids are falling in love with it. They’re smiling about it, so, and that gives me an opportunity to smile also. As long as they are having fun, I’m having fun also.”
Enrichment camp continues through next week.

Some of the girls will learn about modeling and fashion and the guys will learn how to be a gentleman.

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