Supercenter Swindlers Strike Across Northeast Mississippi

NORTHEAST MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – An area wide man-hunt continues for four suspects accused of snatching money right from under the nose of cashiers at Wal-Marts across North Mississippi.

Yesterday, Tupelo police released information on a handful of suspects they were having trouble catching.

As it turns out, multiple other law agencies are facing the same problem.

The M.O. seems to be the same across the board.

Walk in, distract the clerks, snatch the money and go.

So far, all the known robberies occurred February 16 in Tupelo, Booneville and Corinth.

At Booneville alone, the Supercenter Swindlers got away with over $6,000.

So far, two white females and two white males are wanted for the robberies.

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We’ll update this story when more information is available.

If you know anything related to this case, please call Northeast Mississippi Crimestoppers at 1-800-773-8477.

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