Suspected Scammer Posing as Deputy

CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — A suspected scam artist has managed to use technology to add a new twist to go after Clay County residents.

And the Clay County Sheriff’s Department isn’t happy about it.

Tuesday, a man called Clay residents claiming he was a sheriff’s deputy and that they had overdue fines. The caller threatened to arrest them if they didn’t produce money orders to pay up.

Upset residents called the sheriff’s department and provided the caller’s number. When investigator Brad Pettit called the number, the suspect hung up after a brief conversation.

But since then, he’s been spoofing the investigator’s number so when he calls, it shows up with the investigator’s name on caller ID. The man also has called some county and West Point officials with harassing language.

Anyone getting such calls should call the Clay Sheriff’s Department or 911. And DO NOT give out personal information or phone numbers.

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