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EUPORA,Ms (WCBI)–Authorities have identified two of the suspects involved in the Wednesday death of Eupora Police officer Keith Crenshaw Mississippi Bureau of Investigation Spokesman Warren Strain says 33 year old Frank Maye of Orlando Florida is in critical condition in a Tupelo hospital. 26 year old Brandon Johnson also  of Orlando, Florida is being held on armed robbery charges in the Grenada County jail. The third  suspect, who was killed after the getaway car slammed into a pole has not been identified.

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  • Tim

    I say the low life scumbags should get death penalty. If they don’t then when they hit the street then the public will take the law into their own hands. Doug Evans it’s up to you now!

  • Jill

    This is NOT 1950 anymore Tim. You just can’t go around hanging people anymore dummy.

  • Caryn

    One of those ‘low life scumbags’ died at the scene and another one passed away last night. I’m sure the remaining survivor will spend the rest of his life behind bars. There’s already been enough loss of life resulting from this tragedy. Killing anyone else isn’t going to bring anyone back.

  • Mike

    Yea there is still one more that needs to be put to death in this case and I sure hope he is. I personally don’t care to be feeding his low life self for the next 40 or more years!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ace

    First off be mindful that the same “low life scrumbags” that you are referring to Tim still has family and loved ones. Weather he is sentenced to life, death, or released, that decision is not yours. If he is set free, I will be sure to be the one to pick him up and I dare you with all that is within me to attempt to do harm to him and we will be reading a report about how you spend the rest of your life in prison. Mike at the end of the day, he is still human. Brandon was not the one driving and police will admit that. They robbed a drug dealer. Now who is wrong in that situation? The doing the robbing or the person selling drugs? Like Caryn said, there has already been enough tragedy in this case so killing Brandon is not going to make things any better.
    R.I.P. Frank & Flame

  • Mike

    Ace you have got to be kidding. Heck they are both wrong. Selling drugs and robbery. I have absolutely no sympathy for this young man and I do not care what color he is. I would feel the same way no matter what

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