Tax service officials encourage people to file correctly to avoid penalties

People are ready to file their returns, hoping for a refund

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Tax season is here and people are likely gathering all the information they need to file their return. It can be a tedious process.

It’s the busiest time of the year for Brenda Martin at M&M Tax Services in Columbus. Her clients are ready to file their returns, hoping for a refund. Martin said there are some changes in 2022; one big one is what parents with dependents will see.

“This year we’re seeing a big thing with the advanced child tax credit July of 2020 they started giving children 250 dollars for those that were seven and older and the ones that were zero to six 300 dollars,” said Martin.

Parents received those payment for six months; from July until December of 2021. Martin said parents should receive a paperwork showing the amount they owe for the child or children they claimed, but the child tax credit isn’t the only filing change.

“That stimulus payment that you got in 2021 has to be on your tax return also. If that money isn’t included in there it will delay your return,” said Martin.

Martin said the IRS encourages people to file their taxes online rather than on paper, and to use direct deposit instead of receiving a paper check because those checks can be lost or stolen.

In West Point Malendia Miller is in her third year of preparing tax returns and she said that if the information filed isn’t correct then people will have to wait a while longer for their money.

“We have to have true information from you because that not only reflects you it reflects us and if your numbers are not right then it’s going to cause a delay in your tax return which is going to be a big issue this year,” said Miller.

Miller said people who worked virtually have to report their mileage and any other work-related expenses. Farmers may need to pay closer attention to their filing this year.

“If you’re a farmer and if you lost cattle during the ice storm last year make sure you make note of that and how many you lost and if you got assistance for that; they offered assistance for people that lost cattle in the ice storm last year,” said Miller.

The ongoing pandemic is still affecting many people; so getting a good tax return could be a good way to kick off the beginning of 2022.

“A lot of people need this money to help them through the year and a lot of people are not working so this is a blessing getting that tax return and getting it done right,” said Martin.

If anyone has questions about filing; talk with whomever you plan to file with because you’d rather be safe than sorry.

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