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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – It was an overcast, cold and rainy day when I met up with TCPS Cross Country Coach Lynn Holland, and senior James Stephenson to go for a run. 

“We have a beautiful and challenging 5 k cross country course here on the TCPS campus,” Holland said.  

For this story, I had some help, courtesy of the TCPS Digital Video Class. 

“We’re kind of helping you out cause it’s going to be hard for you to run with the camera and get the video you needed,” said Scott Burns, TCPS digital video instructor.  

Our mission, to test the Tupelo Muddy 5 K course. 

“I ran it a lot during cross country but this is different,” said Stephens.  

It’s not your typical 5k run. 

“Our course is very challenging on a dry day it has significant hills, but in the wintertime with the weather, it’s got a lot of mud, a lot of water out here today with all the rain we had,” Holland said.  

That rain and mud makes the course more of a challenge. You slip and slide an awful lot. 

This marks the third year for the Tupelo Muddy 5K. The first year was sunny, last year snow flurries. 

“You are going to get dirty,” Holland said.  

And then there the hills to deal with. There are two steep hills, but to do the entire 5 k, runners will make laps on the large cross country trail. So you actually hit the hills, four times. 

It’s challenging, but all the mud makes it awfully fun. 

“Your mom is always getting on you that your getting the house muddy and dirty and you can relive childhood memories, that’;s one of the things I enjoy about this, you get dirty and no one cares,” Stephens said.  

We finished the course in 32 minutes. Like they said, it is challenging, and different than any 5 K i’ve ever run. So come on out TCPS Feburary the ninth, you will help a good cause and like they say, a little mud or a lot of mud, never hurt anyone.

For more information or to register, go to www.racesonline.com then search for Tupelo Muddy 5 k.  


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