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TECHBYTE- It’s finally 2020! Many people might be looking to lose weight, or just get into shape for their new year’s resolution.

You don’t necessarily need a gym to get into shape with workout equipment like this. You can thank technology for that, but you’ll be paying more for the convenience.

“You can still exercise, but if you were to want to race with friends, to actually be able to keep up with the full gamut of things that are available, you would have a monthly fee. Those monthly fees are based on the package you buy, and the device you buy,” said Nathan Roach.

Best Buy’s Nathan Roach says you have plenty of Internet connected devices to choose from – like this Hydrow rowing machine or NordicTrack treadmill and bike.

One of NordicTrack’s features is the iFit system.

“You can run with friends. You can track your progress. You can team up for races, and so on. But once you buy the initial device, you will have a free trial to be able to check it out, but you will have that backend fee that consumers need to be aware of,” said Roach.

If you want to do more than just cardio at home, you can also get an adjustable weight set for building muscle.

It saves a lot of space.

“In the old days, you’d have to go out and buy a different weight, so you’d have to get a 5 pound weight, a 10 pound weight. Now you can literally buy one device, and you’re going to be able to change the weights from 5 to 50 pounds, based off what you need at the time. We even have a cool device that’s a kettlebell machine that you can adjust the weight from basically about 12 pounds up to about 40 pounds,” said Roach.

And you’ll need a scale to keep track of your progress.

“Internet connected scales are a great way to do that, because you’ll be able to see over time where your weight’s at, what your body fat composition is and so on, so it’s just another great way to mix technology and the fitness world,” said Roach.

To get that information, all you have to do is stand on the scale.

“It’ll link to things, whether you have an Apple Watch, a Fitbit, other things like that, and then you actually create a custom profile, and so it knows it’s you when you stand on it, and then it tracks all that information, and gives you a very clear timeline of your results, and how you’re doing,” said Roach.

See, you have tons of tech options to choose from when it comes to finding the best fitness equipment for your home.

Just head over to Best Buy, or another electronics store for help on picking out the best device for you.

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