TECHBYTE- If you were hoping Apple would announce a new iPhone at its latest special event, sorry. You’ll have to wait a little longer this time.

But the tech giant did announce some new features on products you already have!

Let’s look at some of them.

Apple made its latest announcement virtual because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike most of these events, the tech company did not show off any new iPhones, just software, which will make it seem like you have a new phone anyway.
iOS is getting a makeover with iOS 14.

Even if the actual phone isn’t new, your iPhone’s home screen is getting a new look.

Widgets put more information on your home screen.

You can add whichever ones you want, choose different sizes for them, and arrange them the way you want.

Widgets for your favorite apps can even be scheduled to show up during the time of day they’re most often used.

If you’re short on time, which most of us are these days, the App Library organizes your apps for you, so you can quickly find what you need.

Multitasking is also easier with iOS 14.

Its newest Picture in Picture feature allows you to continue a FaceTime call, or watch videos, all while using another app.

There are plenty of other things you can do with this update – from Apple Maps to Messaging.

iOS 14 launches this fall.

Another highlight from Apple’s special event benefits Apple Watch users.

Apple says the watchOS 7 update benefits users both day and night.

You can customize watch faces to make them your own.

Use them for different websites and social media, and even share those faces with your friends.

WatchOS 7 also has some great new health features.

Most of us struggle with getting enough sleep, so the new Sleep App helps track it for you.

It lets you know how much sleep you’re getting per week, and when you’re really sleeping, or just in a waking state.

The app can help you make a sleep schedule and bedtime routine, so you can get some better zzzzzzs.

The Sleep Mode feature on the app even puts your watch on Do Not Disturb when you go to bed, so your screen won’t wake you up.

watchOS 7 also has a Handwashing feature, which is especially beneficial during the coronavirus pandemic.

The watch knows when you’re washing your hands. It tells you how long to keep going by starting a 20-second timer – the recommended amount of time by health organizations.

The watch can even remind you to wash your hands when you get home, so you can tell all those germs goodbye.

Apple also announced updates for your iPad and Mac computer.


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