Video: Teens Looking For Summertime Jobs

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) — Patrick Witty knows the importance of having a summer job.

“It’s important to have one because it’s something to do during the summer, not only just to make some money, but to get you out of the house a little bit, and get you the experience you need, and get you exposure in the work force,” said Witty, who’s a carhop at Sonic.

Generations of parents have told their teenagers to get a job.

According to numbers from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more young people without jobs in Mississippi than any other state.

With school out and summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start looking and applying for jobs.

One of the employers that likes to give teens an opportunity for employment, is Reco Collins.

“The great thing about sonic is that we have a lot of different positions available to help out with those summer college students, and high schoolers looking for a little bit of extra money,” said Collins, GM of Sonic in Columbus.

James Madison is the general manager of the sonic store in West Point, and said some of the available positons his store is hiring for includes:

“Cook, carhop, and crew member,” said Madison,

Madison said a few of the questions he would ask to a potential employee during an interview are.

“What defines work ethic to them,” said Madison.

“I like to know what’s their reasoning for wanting to work here,” said Collins.

“What’s your goal, what do you want to get out of a job,” said Madison.

Both managers said they like for their employees to be positive, energetic, and to greet customers, with a warm smile.

“Someone who is willing to learn, because we can teach anybody who is willing to learn,” said Collins.

Even though teens come in looking for summer time jobs, Madison says he’s always looking for them to stay longer.

“We do some seasonal hiring, but I also try to push for them to continue on into the fall,” said Madison.

Collins said they start hiring anyone from 16 on up. If anyone would like to apply for a sonic, visit for more details.

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