The annual Holiday Farmers’ Market opens for Columbus

COLUMBUS Miss. (WCBI) – The cold chill didn’t shy people away from the annual Holiday Famers’ Market Saturday.

Vendors were up early to have their booths ready by 9 to showcase their unique items.

They say that this is just one way for them to showcase their talents and hobbies to the community.

Market Director Chelsea Best says the market had a big vendor count this year.

“We are excited because we have over 75 vendors set up today to sell home-baked goods, we’ve got hand-crafted arts and crafts, we
have a few fresh produce here so we’ve got a little bit of everything for everyone. We have vendors from 50 miles all coming together to sell today,” said Best.

Vendors like Melissa Elam have been working on their craft from an early age.

Because of her love for baking, she opened a wholesale bakery in Hamilton that sells her sweet treats to stores in Columbus.

She says the time it takes to make them beats anything you could find at the supermarket.

“They take me a long time to make. I make them from scratch. You’ve got to rise the yeast and all that. From start to finish for a big batch, it may take me about 10 to 12 hours to make. They’re different because there are three different processes and a lot of TLC in them,” said Elam.

Other vendors like Donny Henry stumbled upon his craft during Covid.

His hobby led him to open up his own business.

Henry says that events like these allow him the opportunity to share his craftsmanship with the community.

“It’s important for me because I wanted to know if I was actually good enough to sell what I make by hand and see if it’s something. I

need to continue doing or if it’s something I need to scrap and say okay this is not for me. I think I did pretty well and I just hope I sell, ” said Henry.

Market Coordinator Chelsea Best says that the market is offering something new this year to help serve those in Lowndes County.

“There is something new we’ve added. We have a donation box and a cash donation box. Those are for local organizations that have an outreach to people in Lowndes County. We’re hoping that people can donate cash or canned goods, unopened food items, and toiletries. Those types of items help people in Lowndes County who are in need. After the market is over we will take those over to those organizations so that they can help the people who need them,” said Best.

The next market will not be until the spring of next year.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor or helping out with the market you can call (662) 328 -6305

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