The Dancing Rabbit Festival in Macon brought families and friends out

The festival is normally held in downtown Macon, but organizers decided to move it

MACON, Miss. (WCBI)- The Dancing Rabbit Festival in Macon kicked off Saturday, October 2, 2021.  Like many events, the festival wasn’t able to go on in 2020 due to the pandemic, but the town was ready to get things back up and running.

“It’s just awesome to come back out here. It’s been a while since people could come and fellowship and we love to come out and support local businesses,” said festival go-er Brenda Long.

The festival is normally held in downtown Macon, but organizers decided to move it to the Sportsplex to give people and vendors more open space. Mike and Anita Montgomery; were just thankful to get their booth set up and see faces that weren’t out in 2020.

“Whether here or Starkville wherever it is we need to get out, celebrate with each other, interact with each other, and fellowship,” said Montgomery.

Food, hand-made goods, and live music lined the festival grounds, but there were vendors like Derek Ivy that sold the (not so typical) festival goods at his hometown.

“I just wanted to come back and support my hometown because I went to high school here and I grew up here so I came back to support my county,” said Ivy.

Ivy typically sells jerseys and shoes at the Tupelo Flea market each week but knew that he would have to make some changes as he came back home.

“I dropped the prices for a lot of people because I know how unfortunate people are and I try to make it work for my hometown people because the economy here is bad it’s not a lot of jobs here so if people can’t afford something I make it work with them,” said Ivy.

The Festival is expected to bring more vendors and people out in 2022.

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