The Investigation Continues In The Death Of A Louisville Teen

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – The Winston County Coroner says Tylan Glenn was killed after being shot multiple times at close range, while sitting inside of a vehicle.

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Louisville Police responded to a shots fired call a little after 9 on Saturday night.

Chief L.M. Claiborne says when officers arrived on scene, they started gathering evidence and information.

17-year-old Tylan Glenn lost his life this past Saturday, in the neighborhood of Mt. Moriah Circle in Louisville.

Louisville Police Chief L.M. Claiborne says this was not an act of random violence.

“What it appears to be is some type of domestic violence situation, that has gone to the extreme and taken the worse possible imaginary turn, and that’s about all of the information that we are prepared to release at this time on the case.”

Investigators say Tylan was shot and killed, while sitting in a vehicle.

“The evidence from the investigation reveals that the victim was seated in the passenger’s seat of a vehicle, and the vehicle was also occupied by a female that was driving, and a small child in the back seat.”

Chief Claiborne says that’s when the accused shooter, 20-year-old Isaiah Riggins, approached the passenger side and fired shots at Tylan.

The Winston County Coroner told WCBI that Riggins is the father of the woman’s child.

“The officers were able to recover at the scene, a 9mm handgun and some spent shell casings,” says Claiborne.

Louisville resident, Diane Shed, says she was saddened by the death of Tylan, who was a student at Louisville High School.

“He was a nice little kid in school and everything. His mom is very sweet to me, his grandma, I work with her and everything. They’re very lovely people.”

Shed says stuff like this shouldn’t happen.

“These little young kids today, they really need to wake up. Life is getting too short for all of this, this jive, what they doing.”

We were told earlier on Monday, the high school is working with the student body to help students during this tragic time.

We reached out to the high school principal about some of those efforts, but he declined to comment.

We also reached out to the superintendent several times, but never heard back from him.

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