The Magnolia Independent Film Festival celebrates 25 years.

GOLDEN TRIANGLE (WCBI) – Mississippi’s premiere film festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

The Magnolia Film Festival includes works in several different genres.

“This is the first and longest film festival in the state of Mississippi and this is just a huge thing for us to be celebrating our 25th,” said Misun.

25 years of lights and cameras in action.

The Magnolia Independent Film Festival is back in person and on the big screen this year.

First-year Festival Director Chris Misun says that being a big part of this festival is fun but having to make tough decisions is a part of the job.

“So we had over 320 films this year and we only selected 40 films,” said Misun.

Misun also adds that this festival does not have a regional restriction, so everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

“One of the things that people get from going to an independent film festival is that direct interaction with filmmakers and we have several filmmakers from around the county and the world. We have some that came in from overseas and so it’s really great opportunity for people to meet those folks and learn about the passion that they have for film and tell stories and tell about how they got here,” said Misun.

Film Director Bianca Pick grabbed her bags and flew from Berlin to be a part of The Mag.

Pick says this is her 3rd film festival and watching the audience’s reaction is the real pay-off for all that hard work.

“I think it always a bit nerve-wracking of course and I do get a bit nervous and you look at other short films and you compare and you’re like oh my God what if mine isn’t as good but then I think hearing the audience laugh is one, not the most rewarding things that a filmmaker can ask for,” said Pick.

Pick says her original vision may not always come out in the final cut, but watching it come to life is a dream come true.

“I think the film making process to me is the most exciting part because it like when the thing that you have in your mind actually starts happening in real life and it never looks the way you had in your mind but once the whole thing is over its almost better because it’s real,” said Pick.

The Festival started on February 24th at the Malco Cinema in Columbus and continues tonight at the UEC Cinema in Starkville. Doors have opened, but the curtain doesn’t go up until seven.

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