The United Way wants to see more giving this holiday season

The most wonderful time of the year is nearly here, and it typically gets people in the giving spirit

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- The most wonderful time of the year is nearly here, and it typically gets people in the giving spirit.

Everyone knows the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday and the following Monday is Cyber Monday. Both are days when people buy for themselves or a loved one, but Tuesday is for those that are less fortunate.

“The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is Giving Tuesday and it’s a time to just reflect a moment and think about someone else other than ourselves that day. Give to someone else,” said Renee Sanders the director for the United Way of Lowndes and Noxubee County.

Sanders said donations to non-profits aren’t coming in this Giving Tuesday.

“When you ask people to dig in a pocket and to give financially they’re going to give you a look that may raise an eyebrow and they say why do you need money,” said Sanders.

Most people don’t mind donating clothes or canned goods.

“Can goods won’t fit the bill. You can’t give them enough can goods to pay a utility bill it is the money that they need. It’s the finances that’s the problem,” said Sanders.

According to Sanders; 50%  of Mississippians and 45% of people in Lowndes County are what is known as, Asset Limited Income Constrained but Employed,  ALICE for short.

This means people are working; some even have multiple jobs, but they’re not making enough to make ends meet.

There are 2 main reasons people don’t reach for their wallet or their checkbook to help the United Way and other charitable organizations.

“They don’t trust that their money is going to the place that they’re giving or that the individual that they give to aren’t going to do what they say they will do with the money, but my number one reason why nobody gives is because nobody ever asked nobody ever took the time to ask them to give,” said Sanders.

Sanders reminds everyone that Giving Tuesday is just one day, but the need for donations and the opportunities to donate are here all year long.

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