The work behind escaped inmate searches

NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Search efforts continued Monday night in two different counties for escaped inmates.

Noxubee County deputies have been out searching for two escapees since about 5 a.m. Sunday.

Manhunts like this usually mean sleepless nights and around the clock work, and it’s more than just tracking in the woods.

It involves everything from who the inmates know, to places they were known to hang out before being put behind bars.

Familiar faces and places play a big role when it comes to tracking down escaped inmates.

“Usually, when there is a jailbreak, it is thought that they’re going to be in the woods, but when you’re in the city and they’re from the city, they’re going to be from house to house within that city area,” said Noxubee County Sheriff Terry Grassaree.

Deputies load up and start driving where ever the leads take them.

“Then, what you have to do, you’ll have to either go door-to-door, or you’ll have to try to find out who they knew, until you can pick up on a trail like that.”

Grassaree said deputies work around the clock until they find that trail.

“Just got to dig a little further and dig a little deeper. It will come up sooner or later. We just have to keep going door-to-door, keep checking, and keep following all leads, until we get them back on the run again.”

Grassaree said when inmates are on the run, you’ve got to make the public aware, which also includes any of the escapee’s victims.

“Usually, in an escapee, usually most people are trying to get away. I don’t think they escape to go and victimize anybody. They just don’t want to be locked up and want to try to get away.”

The sheriff also wants residents to know that just because they know the escapees, that doesn’t mean they can help them while they’re on the run.

“They’re still around here. Either somebody is hiding them, and then of course, we’re going to have to get them and the person that’s hiding them. That’s called obstruction of justice.”

Jamie Welch, 20, and Tremarcus Webb, 25, both have Aggravated Assault charges.

When they get caught, they’ll also be facing additional charges for escaping.

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