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MACON, Miss. (WCBI) – Being good can come naturally, but it also helps to a have a goal in mind.

Positive Behavior Support has been a fixture at B.F. Liddell Middle School for about 4 years now.

Eighth graders are all ears in Richard Baliko’s Math class.

He’s “Teacher of the Year” caliber to be sure, but he gets a little help from the PBIS program.

Richard explains, ” It focuses on rewarding students that exhibited positive behavior, and we found that its worked over the years.”

Incentive instead of punishment, in the form of Tiger Bucks.

Eighth grader Radecia Conner explains, ” We get Tiger Bucks when we act good in class, and like do our work, and when we sit their quiet, they’ll give us Tiger Bucks.”

Eighth Grader Shondell Ivy says, ” You help somebody out, like if they want a pencil, if they need a pencil to do their work, then you get a Tiger Buck for that.”

When you get a fist full of Tiger Bucks it’s time to go shopping.

Through fund raisers and concessions the school purchases fun little items to be sold on the Tiger Buck market.

Whether its heart shaped antenna or a super cool pair of shades, PBIS pays off in a variety of ways.

Children are learning in a kinder gentler environment.

Shondell has seen it among his friends.

He says, ” They used to not do anything, just sit there and be mean to others and they are just like being real nice.”

And while every child earns Tiger Bucks on their own, there are also class wide incentives like pizza parties and cookouts for kids who collectively watch their P’s and Q’s for a month or 2.

And the best news of all, it’s working.

Shondrell concludes, ” Peace on Earth.”

Dr. Pat Scott began the program at B.F. Liddell during her time as principal.

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