Three Sport Athlete Khi Holiday Finds Balance With School And Church

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – – Whether it’s scoring a touchdown, bowling a strike down the middle, or even hitting a baseball. Khi Holiday has support from his coaches and his teachers.

“I really like the teachers,” said student athlete Khi Holiday. “They help you during your school. If you need real help, they will stay after school with you and tutor you, and help you get your grades up.”

And his dad, Shaune Holiday, is the head football coach at Tupelo Christian Preparatory School, while Khi is the quarterback of the football team.

“Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s not,” Holiday said. “Most of the time it’s real fun because we can communicate like we do regularly.”

“Being able to coach my own son it does have it’s challenges because sometime I’m a lot harder on him that I would be at somebody else,” said head football coach Shaune Holiday. “But at the same time he’s a very hard worker. When we leave the field, I just go back into the roll of just being dad you know. Being able to love on him and just be his dad and his father figure.”

He’s also in his second season on the bowling team.

“I just love to compete,” Holiday said. “It’s just a competitive sport. It gets you mentally tougher.”

Khi’s bowling coach also sees what kind of a leader he is on the team.

“I think he hates losing more that he likes winning,” said assistant bowling coach Lucas Hartigan. “He’s a good guy to be around and he just works really hard. No matter what it is.”

Whether it’s the football field, the gridiron, or the bowling alley. Holiday tries to be the best athlete that he can be, but during his spare time away from athletics, he also spends time at his church as where he’s the Christian Youth Fellowship Vice President, and he also sings in his church.

“At my church we have a youth round up where we bring in all churches, all teens, and we praise God the way we want to,” Holiday said. “We sing, we dance, we mime, and all that.”

Khi has grown up here at New Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal in Fulton.

His leadership here also makes his church family proud.

“Anytime you see young men singing in the church, singing in the choir, it makes you feel good to see young men up there doing that.” said Pastor Robert Fields. “There are other things that they can be doing, but he’s doing it for the church.”

“The fact that he enjoys coming to church, and singing in the choir, and doing different things in the community,” Holiday said. “That to me is more than winning any state championships or anything the fact that my son loves coming to church.”

Khi’s future plans are to stay in sports and become a physical therapist. 

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