Time to check your smoke detectors.

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI)- Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to sleep tonight.

And the time change also means it’s time to check the batteries in your smoke alarms.

Amory assistant Fire Chief Lee Wright says it is especially important if you have older smoke detectors that don’t have the long battery life of newer models.

“Some of the newer smoke alarms now you can’t even replace the battery. They say they’ve got a lithium battery that’s supposed to last for ten years. But I have seen them in a couple years actually go bad. They still do make the ones you have to change the batteries out in them. And like I say even the other ones you want to test them once a month,” said Amory Assistant Fire Chief, Lee Wright.

Wright also says you might want to consider purchasing a fire extinguisher.

He says Amory residents can call the fire department for help with smoke detectors, and most other communities should provide the same service.

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