Time after Time Fashion Show


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Fashion, style, and creativity that’s all you need to have a successful fashion show. And Sarah Neely has all of that.

Celebrity stylist, fashion blogger, and Starkville native, Sarah Neely, has taken over The Storehouse in Starkville for her “Time After Time” fashion show.

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The show focuses on fashion throughout the decades, and it is helping Neely make her dreams a reality.

Sarah Neely knew she had a passion for fashion when she was only in the first grade.

“My first time I actually probably just really knew. First grade, because I took some clothes to school and changed my wardrobe, so I got in trouble. My teacher told my parents,” said Neely.

She didn’t let her parents stop her dreams and started working on what she loves.

She has worked with celebrities and is the owner of the Born Freely Fashion blog.

The “Time after Time” fashion show is her very first show she’s put on by herself.

“I wanted to show people my creative side,” said Neely. “I want people to see how talented we, these women are. I want people to see how amazingly a team can come together and put together a great fashion show. I want to give back because it’s a small town and people think there is no fashion in a small town. So I wanted to show them it is”

She started working on the event back in January and has had help from Mississippi State’s Fashion Board.

“I’m involved with Fashion Board at Mississippi State. They like kinda contacted us and was like hey there’s this big show going on are you interested in it,” said Brooke Benningholf.

“They contacted the Fashion Board president saying there would be a show and any people that would be interested in doing it, and I was like of course, I want to model,” said Urita Aganana.

“I have modeled with Sarah Neely before; she’s a stylist. So she asked me personally if I would like to do it, and was like yah,” said Brooke Berry.

Neely wants everyone to know that they should never give up on what they believe in.

“No matter how big or how small something is or how much struggle your are having,” said Neely. “Whether it’s finances or people not supporting you. Never give up take that no as motivation be around people that’s like minded like yourself. Just focus on the good don’t focus on the bad because it does get better. That doesn’t mean that’s your final destination. There’s more to come. Something bigger and better.”

Neely has dreams of being a fashion mogul and knows the hard work and dedication that it will take to get there. She also wants to continue to give back to the community that has helped her get started.