Tips for using disinfectant properly at home and work

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Most of us have continued to clean and disinfect at home and at work.

But sometimes, it’s easy to get a little lax when it comes to cleaning.

When using disinfectant sprays, the key is following all the instructions.

So it is very important that you follow each instruction provided.

Dr. Alena Lester, associate professor for the nursing program at the Mississippi University for Women, said a common mistake people make when applying disinfectant is skipping steps.

“Allowing it time to dry,” said Lester. “It’s probably the most step that’s missed. Generally. And also soaking the surface. Whether it’s an aerosol wipe, you still generally have to give enough wipe to soak the surface itself and give a wet texture on top. Once it’s soaked you have to let it sit there.”

Many disinfectant sprays are made for specific cleaning purposes.

Hamp Holley, head of commercial cleaning at Servicemaster restore in Starkville, said it is important that people know the product before using.

“Knowing what chemical you are using, is it EPA certified disinfectants or dwell times and stuff like that,” he said. “All such important things to learn and to know before trying to disinfect your place of business, your home or anything like that.”

With new COVID-19 guidelines in Mississippi, the amount of people allowed to gather in one place has increased from 10 to 20.

So Holley offered some safety tips.

“Always focus on washing your hands that’s a big one,” he said. “Regardless if you have people coming in and out but know who’s coming in and out they’ve been sick ask them before they come in. But have some disinfectant when they leave of course and everything they touch that you know of.”

To learn more about the latest health guidelines for COVID-19, click here.

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