Tornado damage also felt in Winston and Webster Counties

WINSTON/WEBSTER COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Tornadoes also swept through Webster and Winston Counties, knocking down trees, power-lines, and damaging roads.

“It was too late, we ended up in the hallway and we could feel the trailer moving and hearing it going through and the window busted out. We just started praying we were praying that was the only thing that got us through, we was praying,” said resident Cheryl Cook.

The tornado swept over Cheryl Cook’s house in Webster County Saturday night, throwing a large tree on top of her car.

Cook said she and her family are lucky to be alive Sunday.

“Next time we’re leaving and we are finding a safe place were not ever going through another trailer again,”said Cook.

There are fallen trees throughout Webster County, including this one that laid beside the Mathiston Public Library and its children’s park.

Over in Winston County, residents are experiencing the same reality.

“We’ve lost two of our homes here, one across the highways from this one. We also had some damage to our infrastructure they’re repairing our power lines now. For a short period of time Hwy 25 was closed,” said King.

This is one of the many homes the tornado left its mark on.

The homeowners are trying to clear two trees off of their home.

Winston County EMA Director Buddy King said first responders are also working to remove trees from the roads.

Webster County EMA Director Barry Rushing said they are still assessing damages.

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