Tornado And Severe Weather Makes For An Even Busier Week For Tree Service Companies


TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Tree service companies are busy after tornadoes and straight-line winds have whipped through the area this past week.
This means extra work for companies, which are already in one of the busiest times of the year.

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For Michael Thompson and his crew from “Rook’s Tree and Stump Service”, removing this river birch tree will be a full day’s work.

Thompson, who owns the company, had a lot of jobs lined up before this week’s severe weather, which impacted some of his longtime clients.

“I took care of them because I have already done services for them, I wanted to take care of them, but I’m actually about six or seven weeks behind,” Thompson said.

So on Friday, Thompson and his crew were taking down a tree, whose root system had caused problems at the home.

Whether the job is storm-related or not, Thompson and his employees work meticulously, utilizing ropes.

“The ropes help us take down the limbs slowly and carefully, keep them off the house, bushes, off the homeowner’s property, we want to be able to do it slowly and safely, so we don’t get hurt and property don’t get hurt.,” Thompson said.

Thompson encourages homeowners to be proactive, and look for and notice any unusual changes in trees on their property. And instead of trying to save some money and do it yourself, he says it’s always best to call a professional.

“Typically, trees leaning hard toward the house, typically are looking for sunlight and are getting over the house, but if they’re leaning real heavy it’s best to get them trimmed to it’s less weight issue over the house, those are the ones that usually blow over, and if tree base is sitting in an area that holds water, it’s more prone to fall over during a storm,” he said.

Thompson says tree maintenance can keep a tree healthy and help avoid costly restoration work in the future.

Thompson also says insurance typically covers storm damage from trees only when the tree makes contact with a house.